Sweet Wondrous Youth

Sweet wondrous youth with curls divine
Take me to your arms, to hold, to be your lover,
For us to merge in rapturous embrace –
Our hearts and souls to lovingly intertwine.

Your golden hair of silky threads, loosely
Cascades in graceful charm, framing you
In perfect harmony, your features to softly define.
With glittering eyes of depth, intensity,
Your very look commands my will;
Your moving mouth excites with every word – so let mine
Know yours more amorously. And with sensuous lips
Soft and warm, we may embrace in nightlong dreams
As I, to you, my older being do willingly assign.

Hold me in your strengthening arms, with firmness and resolve;
Let me feel the heart beat within your heaving breast
To touch your hips, your chest, your fine waistline,
As we, in sacred unity of mind and flesh,
Kiss, caress, commit, connect – both knowing
This intimacy is revered, deserved, benign.
As lover I will comply – to give, or to receive
By your command; I will hold you so tenderly.
You are David’s heir in grace and form; the line
In marble carved flows through your thighs
Where the softest down meets my dutiful desires.
Your very parts, your legs, your toes, do all combine,
When you recline, in a symmetry sublime.
So let us dwell in our own Cadogan Hotel;
To make love, and oysters eat, to drink fine wine.

We shall walk arm in arm like all lovers should
And worship at the holy shrine of true fellow hood –
Oh, take me now, my heart, to be your beloved valentine.