H48 Rhymes + Sounds

For Hilary, on her 48th Birthday…

Why did I publish this collection? The answer is that several were written for my wife, Hilary, and the collection is dedicated to her as an expression of love. It is my way of saying a very big Thank You.

And please note that I do not bother to call this poetry. The words are rhymes, some of which have been set to sounds and music.

Modern poetry is often up its own backside (too intellectual, too academic and too precious). Moreover, it is very largely of the unstructured school – no rhyme or structure, but an emphasis on subtle, often deeply-hidden, meanings. The use of rhyme is very much out of fashion, and is somewhat sneered at by ‘poetry people’.

But this collection is unashamedly down-market (there is no poetic ‘blank space’ here). And to distance it even further from much modern poetry, the rhymes are accompanied by sound, music, and rhythms. So, no way does it seek to be described as poetry – and no way is it intended for ‘poetry people’.

Words + sound/music/rhythms: the words are primary. The sound is secondary. However, the two are meant to be consumed together – the audio is an important part of the offering in the sense that it sets a style and context. Which is why the rhymes are best enjoyed on the web – it is a digital product that marries the words with the sounds. Thus, the book ends up being a mere companion or souvenir (unless the music on the CD is played at the same time as the words are read). But it is better experienced on the web as a words+sounds product. And the experience will be enhanced further with the App (due later this year) which will introduce an interactive and collaborative element.

The full price of the book and CD goes direct to charity.

© Link.org 2016

The copyright has been assigned to Link.org, a charitable foundation helping young people (registered charity number 1162911).

Words by John Pritchard | Music Arrangement by Tom Pritchard

Design and typesetting by Stephen Jones | Website by Kate Townsend and Tom Myatt

Publisher: Legalease, 188 Fleet Street, London EC4A 2AG

ISBN: 978-1-906854-36-2