The Book


You can buy the book with an accompanying CD (contains all audio and music tracks).

Price £10 from (coming soon)

Hardback, high-quality, 72 pages contains the following:

300; Alone; Anwen and her Knight; Belle de Jour; Bob Dylan; Bosham Woe; Celebrity; Dirty Bastard; Facebook; Glider; Her Beauty Surrounds Us; How Do You See Me Now?; Jennie; Just for You; Miss You; Mother Mary; Poetry People/Afterword; Pity the Aged Body; Quiet Flows My Blood Tonight; Redemption; Sweet Wondrous Youth; Test Match Special; That Smile; The Angel Cries; The Empire; The Fallen Man; The Golden Hour; The Rambler; Together; Tread Barefoot; Upland Sheep Farmer; When I am Gone; You Can Eat All Day In Heaven.

ISBN: 978-1-906854-36-2

There is also a Kindle version available (text-only, with no illustrations or audio). Price £1.