Sweet lady of the Silent Night

Sweet lady of the silent night
Who calms the ruffled brow
She chases out the darkest dog.
Soothes my fears, til dawn’s safe light.

My lady surrounds me with her care
Protects me from the dark
Dismal dreams are chased away.
I rest in peace when she is there.

Mother-like she calms my mind
From troubles old and new
Wicked thoughts are turned away.
Maternal words are kind.

Guilt and sin consume my soul
When she abandons me
But her return is soothing balm.
My conscience she does console.

Nocturnal spirits would disturb my sleep
With creatures strange and serpents bent
But she safeguards my troubled mind.
I rest in slumbers deep.

I thank the Lord with all my might
For lending her to me
My angel fair from Galilee.
Sweet lady of the silent night.