I smelt you in the air tonight

I smelt you in the air tonight,
Upon an imagined breeze.
I turned to talk, as if you’d be within my sight.
But you didn’t heed my pleas.

I heard your whisper in our empty home,
It called me close to you.
I answered back. But I was alone.
I knew it wasn’t true.

I saw your shadow on the kitchen wall
As if you’d paused for thought.
It was a trick of light – that’s all.
You’d gone. I sat there alone, distraught.

I felt you touch my cheek tonight
As I lay within our bed.
Soft and warm;  it felt so right.
I stroked your head – imagined you weren’t dead.

Then we talked a while, as lovers often do.
I spoke of loneliness and solitary despair.
How I missed you.  I told you of my love for you.
You told me you still care.

My heart knows you sleep with angels bright
And perhaps, some day, these tears will end.
But I still cry for you through every lonely night.
My life. My lover. My lost best friend.