Our Romantic Week

On Monday
My love is a rambling rose
She holds me close and tight
Entwines within my willing arms
Our passion, it grows and grows.

On Tuesday
My love is an orchid’s bloom
Made of love-born poetry
Divine in form and sweet to smell
I breathe her musked perfume.

On Wednesday
My love is a passing butterfly
Marbled White, she takes me in her wings,
Her beauty silences me –
I look, I love….. I sigh.

On Thursday
My love is the midsummer sun
Her warmth is the gift of life
Brilliant, bright, nature’s special light;
Darkness, despair, are all undone.

On Friday
My love is a far-flung star
Sparkles in a timeless way
With mystery and curious charms
Distant, yet never far.

On Saturday
My love rests within my caring arms
We’re sharing secrets and special words,
Holding each other closely tight –
Both lost in our love-struck charms.

On Sunday
My love and I lie, cheek to cheek,
Our love is certain and now complete;
We’ve done it all, so it’s time to part –
We enjoyed that one, romantic, week.