I Wish I’d Never Met You

Posted on Love

I wish I’d never seen you
Across the dance room floor;
With skin tight hips and reddened lips,
You caught my roving eye,
Your jet black hair, jewellery everywhere,
A glowing teen allure –
With fancy suits, outrageous boots,
I couldn’t walk on by.

I wish I’d never kissed you
Beneath the disco light;
Our hearts engaged, hot lips obeyed,
We kissed the nighttime through,
Arms entwined, with stars aligned,
Our eyes ablaze and bright –
Hearts in a whirl, with you my girl,
We simply both just knew.

I wish I’d never married you
Exchanged those golden rings;
Vows to recite, you dressed in white,
The party of our dreams,
For rich for poor, tied for evermore,
We promised everything –
In love with love, but not in love,
(Though that’s not how it seemed).

I wish I’d never lived with you
Because now our love has gone;
It died in time, by no real design,
For reasons too trivial to relate,
Too many slights, too many fights,
You never could be wrong!
So we share a bed, though love is dead,
And pretend to be best mates.

I wish I’d never let you down
But I know you feel the same;
The passions gone, no-one did wrong,
We’ve simply grown apart,
We’re together ‘cause we’re together,
I don’t want to cause you pain –
But I need to run, find some fun,
To make a fresh new start.

I wish I’d never met you
So the keys are on the side;
The meter’s read, the dogs been fed,
There’s cash in the kitchen drawer,
I’m out of here and on my way,
Let’s cast aside our foolish pride –
We’ll be on our own, blissfully alone,
To live our lives once more…
I wish.