Repeal 8 (It’s a Sin for Sinners to Get Off For Free)

PG Version

Sweet seventeen in County Cork
Full of fun with bouncing curls.
Got so legless she could hardly walk –
Had a night out with the girls.

Looking for laughs and cheeky boys
To kiss, cuddle (play with their toys?!).

Met a bloke at a music gig
In a place called The Infirmary;
Did a stand-up Irish jig
(Shagged him behind the toilets – no one could see).

Thought nothing of it at the time
Just a laugh – not a crime!

But now she’s carrying in her womb,
Christ knows what she’ll do.
Sitting in this waiting room
She knows abortion’s for the chosen few:

In Ireland, the surgeon’s knife
Is only used to save the woman’s life.

She cries and cries at her sad fate
As nurse explains the Irish law:
“If it’s not too late to terminate
Back street options you can explore.”

Now I can’t repeat the options here
They’d make you shudder – shed a tear….

So that’s the choice she had to make.
A quick abortion? Without a doubt
The back street option was the one she’d take,
With a toxic dose to flush it out.

Have it done this weekend –
A hundred euros she’d have to spend.

But sad to say the toxins failed,
The woman’s efforts to no avail
So the vomiting girl screamed, and wailed.
Until silence came – her heart had failed.

Too late now for a blood transfusion –
There could be only one, sad, conclusion.

And now she lies on the morticians table
Her baby’s dead – but so is she.
Some will wonder why the law’s not able
To help a girl in such misery?

But Church and State both agree
It’s a sin for sinners to get off for free.

A woman’s body’s gets scant sympathy.