The Fallen Man


I became a fallen man
Who stumbled on life’s way.
I thought I knew the reckoning
Until I coughed blood one day.

Speedily I turned to God
To help me find the way
But, blinded by His bright light,
I prayed and turned away.

So then I turned to pity;
Burdened with self-obsession
I pined away my future
In thoughts of self-deception.

Next in my delusion?
A chemical solution
Made me roll up my sleeves
For that deadly infusion.

So now my body’s broken;
I hack, spit – I’m in confusion,
I ruminate on days gone by
Before my health’s desertion.

Sadly I think back fondly
To long before I blew it.
But now it’s done and dusted,
I’m heading for the exit.

Enjoyment of life’s potion,
The good, the grim, the ill,
All are part of life’s wonder
And I should love them still.

But it’s too late to reason.
I was too slow in seeing
That joy was all around me –
The best of life is ‘being’.