Miss You

God! I miss your selfless love
Which made my life complete
But now my soul with tears does weep
For you in heaven above.

God! I miss your familiar voice
The tone of sound, the special word
The spoken phrase now never heard
That made me smile, made me rejoice.

God! I miss your sensuous touch
The caress of heavenly skin
The warmth of love concealed within
The one I adored so, so, much.

God! I miss your cheering smile
Framed within your perfect face
With lips so soft I would still embrace,
If you could but stay awhile.

God! I miss your caring hand
Which I would hold contentedly
Clasped together, united, steadfastly.
But now, alone, I stand.

God! I miss you
You were my shining sun
But now, though I walk alone,
You’re still my special one.