You Can Eat All Day In Heaven

Relax, eat to the max. Don’t think of sugar-lite.
Sit and chill, munch ‘til you’re full. There is no diet.

In this Godly realm, food can overwhelm, but there need be no restraint;
Have breakfast, brunch, then a late lunch – all without complaint.

Heavenly coffee, sweet high tea, and maybe a barbecue;
Supper and dinner, there’s only one winner (maybe you fancy a stew?)

Sit and laze – on Divine snacks you can graze. Please don’t hold back!
Biscuits and cake – how much can you take? No one’s keeping track!

In Heaven, there’s no doubt, some are a bit stout – but that’s no heresy;
Saint Peter’s belly wobbles like jelly – but look how holy is he!

All would agree, as God’s appointee, he guards the pearly gates,
With his decree, like a maitre d’, he decides immortal fates.

But the gates are small – narrow not tall – for those he will let in.
So to enter Paradise’s portal, and life immortal, you must be thin.

Once inside, it’s an Eternal ride, you’re here for evermore;
You can eat what you wish, every Ambrosial dish, the menu you can explore.

But we’re here forever, and can never lose our Heavenly reward –
It’s ‘have a snack – with no heart attack’, all courtesy of our Lord.

But dear friend, the twist in the end is that you’d best stay slim while mortal
‘Cause the chubby and tubby won’t fit through God’s Holy Portal.