We met through a fleeting sideways glance;
You never spoke my name
Or dwelt on that accident of chance –
As if strangers we would remain.

A hurried look, shyness prevailed,
Your face defined for me to see
In future years of dreams concealed.
Our future writ in memory.

Your smile excites; my heart it thrills
As it has through all these years;
Makes me your slave, as love instills
A yearning that still adheres.

I watch for hours your every move
And track your telephone,
I stand on guard when you’ve
Gone inside, and stay there all alone.

Your guardian angel I have become
To protect you from all ill,
I’ll save you from life’s dirty scum
Who might disturb your peace and still.

This thankless task is a gift from me
To the one that I adore;
Your fame gives you celebrity
And I want you more and more.

One night I shall open your front door
Or raise your window pane –
Your home to see and to explore
Your personal domain.

To watch you sleep would be my reward
For these years of loyal love,
Perhaps to touch, to press forward –
You’d have nothing to be fearful of.

Just let me be part of your glamorous life.
I am determined now
That if I can’t have you for my wife
Then none can I allow.

You must be mine – my sacred prize
That none can take away,
I’ll haunt you to hell and back
Until you bid me stay.

There is no escape from my true love
I’ll stalk for evermore
I’m the creep you can’t shake off
It’s what God made me for.