Spending cash, maxing out

Music: Damion Anderson

Nicky’s dad was a hedge fund man
Made a pile in commodities
Worked his arse off to be the ‘Silver King’
Then died at fifty of blocked arteries.

Left a pile – 2 hundred mill,
Tax free in Panama!
Deposit boxes full of krugerrands
And dirty cash, beyond the law.

Left it all to his only son
Hardly knew his ‘darling laddie’
Said (in his will) he loved the kid
But Nicky hardly knew his absent daddy.

25 when his old man died
Full of charm without a doubt;
Clubbing every night til dawn
Spending cash and maxing out.

Lucky man, Nicky pays no tax –
Foreign born, so he’s not ‘domiciled’.
Passport from the Virgin Isles –
But Panama’s where the loot is stashed.

Keeps his plane on constant call
Gulf Stream jet – he’s a busy guy;
Aspen in the wintertime,
Summer house near Versailles.

Nicky’s plan is extra cool
Knows how he’s gonna spend that cash
Wants to be a hip business man –
Build a green fortune – an Eco-stash!

Plant some forests in Vietnam?
Something to help mankind –
Organic soya in Argentina?
Green business is what’s in his mind.

Plus he’d invest in real estate –
New-builds for the bourgeoisie,
Brownfield sites to house the poor.
Build them eco and carbon-free.

Goes to parties round the globe
Supports foundations, modern art;
With liberal views he’s an eco-warrior.
Full of love – and warm of heart.

His heart is pure but he’s in a bubble;
A lovely guy, will lend a hand,
Lives the dream for all to see.
But frankly he’s in la-la land.

But on the news it’s Panama!
Rebels have taken control –
Seized the banks and all the cash,
Guarded now by armed patrols.

So Nicky’s cash is down the pan,
Flushed away away by people power,
Say goodbye to business plans –
Eco-dreams have all gone sour.

It’s EasyJet for Nicky now;
His trust fund’s bust and so is he.
He’s become one of the humble poor…
But is that bad as bad can be?

As for me, I think it’s for the best!
My best mate’s now a normal bloke
Now he’s like the rest of us….
Skint, bust, completely broke….