Poetry People

With silent curse I said this book was verse
Not to be described as poetry.
Those arguments that I did rehearse
I now see as ones to disagree.

Free form’s for those of educated bent
But most of the time people love some rhyme;
A view high-brows under-represent
Preferring an unstructured paradigm.

Where feeling is more and rhyme is abhorred
Rhythm is banned, as are meter and pace;
Stories and drama are rarely explored –
With meanings in place through crafty blank space.

The radical form is the mandatory norm,
What once was daring is now mundane;
It’ll be rejected if it’s not free form –
Write in that vein or be dismissed with disdain.

It’s not polite to be that uptight;
Some free-formers brook no compromise;
Sure of themselves – they know they’re right:
The unstructured prize they eulogize.

They’re not wrong and nor are they right.
Some poets undoubtedly can
Make free form excite – a real delight,
But don’t pan those who prefer to scan!

Let’s cut to the chase, you of the free form race:
A change of view is long overdue.
Poets who rhyme do have a place –
It shouldn’t be taboo to hold that view.

Rhyme has its own renown – just don’t diss it down
Accept what it offers with structure and verse.
Don’t be stuck-up – don’t sneer or frown,
Accept such verse is neither better nor worse….