That God-damned Spot

When I was five, I fibbed and lied –
Parents shocked by my dishonesty,
My daddy shouted and so I cried,
But mummy sat me on her knee:

“Fear the spot upon your tongue
It is there your naughtiness to scold;
Tell the truth, or it will linger long –
A reminder of the lie you told.”

“A spot will grow and grow
In your mind a thousand fold;
What you reap is what you sow –
A reminder of the lie you told.”

So listen to your mum and dad
Don’t take a chance when cajoled
Do what’s right, not what’s forbad –
A reminder of the lie you told.

When I was thirty I fell in love
And gave my heart to Madeleine;
We swore devotion, thanked God above,
Toasted our future with champagne.

Life was good in our sweet household;
I loved my wife with all my heart,
Brought her flowers for her to hold,
And called her daily when apart.

Once, on my return from work away
Asked her where she’d been last night
She paused, like she didn’t want to say,
But simply grabbed my body tight.

Then losing my propriety
I kissed her lovingly on the lips,
Tongue in mouth, blood coursing sexually,
Sliding skirt from willing hips.

Tongue to tongue in frantic haste;
Erotic urges – blood running hot,
And then I felt it as our tongues embraced –
That God-damned giveaway spot!

That spot spoke of her lie to me;
I knew at once I was cuckold,
That spot told of her adultery –
A reminder of the lie you told….

So Madeleine was busted by my mum’s advice –
It wasn’t some myth of old!
A spot tells you when you’ve not been nice –
A reminder of the lie you told….