I spread my wings to soar again – to reach and touch the sky
In sweet delight, in awe of flight, my heightened senses fly.

Beneath my craft, on rising draught, each metre I have won
With increased height, and brightening light, I steer towards the sun.

The clouds assist with extra breeze, as I take their rising air
The wings give lift, I gently drift, and soar without a care.

Another eddy keeps my progress steady as I cruise the rising breeze
The ground recedes, no sound impedes, as extra height I squeeze.

Time stands still – enjoy the thrill of life as a bird on high –
Feel the sensation, savour elation, and wonder at the sky.

The clouds disperse, the lift is worse, it’s time to glide back home
Slowly descend, plan for the end, and head for the aerodrome.

The runway’s in sight, lit by the light of the distant setting sun;
I land with care, control the flare, and smile at the life of an airman.

But later that day, after a tipple I lay, and thought about that flight
And now I lie bemused, confused, not sure it turned out right.

I recall the time – all seemed fine – when we made the homeward run
With the runway in sight, lit by the light of the distant setting sun.

Lost in the haze, beyond my gaze, there stretched a power cable
I saw it late, didn’t hesitate, but my glider it did disable.

We crashed and fell, I remember it well, and then I hit my head;
Downwards we went, in rapid descent, until I lay there dead.

My flight was done, my life was run, the Angel choir began,
The hymns were sung, the bell was rung, for the death of an airman.

Live to fly, or crash to die – which end is true, I leave to you…