You may post I’m a ‘prick’ or ‘stuck-up snob’,
Facebook l’m a ‘dick’ or even a ‘knob’.

But look at that guy, as he lives online,
He thinks he’s so cool as he wastes his time.

‘Friends’ he has plenty, but none that he knows,
And his brain’s empty – as his ramblings show.

He lives in a dream, a world of his own.
Sane he may seem, but there’s no-one at home.

Just other sad losers, nutters and trolls,
Venomous posters, or simply lost souls.

In these anti-social vacuous domains
Extremes are normal as fantasy reigns.

So ‘dislike’ me down and say this is ‘cock’,
Post I’m a ‘schlong’ or however you mock.

I think it’s a disease that you have caught
And I curse young Mark for the changes he’s wrought.