Beer is Best

“Another beer my friend, to pass away the time?”
I’d had six already but was feeling pretty steady,
“Yeah thanks – a Corona with a shot of lime –
It’s a bit light, and not too heady”.

My mate was Stan, another drinking man,
Keen on lager – he likes a Czech Budvar
Or a Sapporo, (seems it’s from from Japan) –
Or if pushed a pint of Doom, from the bar.

Me, I’m a more serious about my bitter;
The best by a degree – Marston’s Pedigree,
Boddies is good – or a pint of Otter –
And the weakest? Hancocks HB.

Courage Best tastes flat and stale.
But I can rate a Guinness (without a widget),
Bombardier, Grolsch, India Pale Ale
Or Italian Peroni (if there’s nibbles with it).

Tennants lager’s for your tough city-dweller
With a shot of Bells to chase it down;
But if you want a kick you’d best drink Stella –
And then some Baileys for a night on the town.

Chimay’s richer than St Miguel,
Red Stripe’s fine…. for the barbecue
Drink Labbatts , or even Amstel –
But not Newkie Brown – it’s what daft Geordies do.

Pete says it’s time to go, he’s got a carry out;
It’s only Molson but It’s not all bad news –
His mates got some bottles of Beamish Stout,
And then we can send out for some proper booze.

But this Corona’s off – seems to have gone to my head –
This foreign shit’s not always good for you;
Maybe I’ll have an Adnams or John Smith instead.
Ooh! Excuse me mate – I’ve got to find the loo….