Fickle Finger Of Fate

The fickle finger of fate
Will decide if I live or die;
But who can tell me if my heart will be broken –
Shall I smile or shall I cry?
Will death come early or late? That’s the fickle finger of fate.

Is it carved in stone for evermore,
What lies in store for me?
Through DNA and genetic code
My future now they can foresee.
Will science predict the date? To thwart the fickle finger of fate?

So tell me now what the data holds
The shape of life to come!
What does the book of years predict –
When to death will I succumb?
How long must I wait? Foretell the fickle finger of fate?

Are my fatal flaws now written down
Within that binary code?
Will it be my mortal lot
To prematurely wither and corode?
Will my genetic trait frustrate the fickle finger of fate?

Perhaps certain science will play a part
In deciding how I shall mutate,
But I’d prefer ‘chance’ to dominate
So, whatever the scientists may calculate,
I’d rather place more weight… on the fickle finger of fate…