Another Silk Cut?

Another Silk Cut my friend?

Yeah thanks – but I guess this‘ll be my last order
That grim reapers out there and he’s looking for me
My puffing’s caught up with me in the end
Consultant says I’ve got something called COPD

What’s that? Well I had to look it up on the web
Bottom line is l’ve got a real chesty wheeze
Short of breath, with a hacking cough, that’s
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

it’s all the fags – 20 a day for 30 years
About a quarter million I’ve smoked away
So all the tar has blocked my lungs –
I’ve seen it myself on the hospital x ray

It don’t sound great – in fact, when you listen in
It’s like a coughing fit with a rattling tin
Chest heaves as I struggle for air
Although it’s a bit of a buzz when they put me on oxygen

I’ve done ‘em all throughout the years
Roll-ups, dope, all the latest fads
Then changed to Silk Cut (supposed to be low tar)
But I think I was conned by all those surreal ads

Just as much nicotine as those ‘safer’ fags
But, being a mug, I listened to the marketing spin
Now, a 120 grand later, l’m paying the price
Just look at the state my body’s in

Gallaghers, BAT, Reynolds they’re all the same
Foreign markets is now the name of the game
Sell death to the third world is their business plan
Seems kinda odd they’ve no corporate shame

Silk Cut made their money from the likes of me
But now my lungs can’t keep me alive
They say I’ll be lucky to last the month
Actually, I doubt if even that long I’ll survive

I love to smoke and I’m a complete nobody
But just listen to me with my constant wheeze
Death certificate won’t say Silk Cut killed me..
…know what you’ll see:
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease